Enterprise Coaching

We were particularly priviledged to have Lynda working alongside us at ATL as a new business start up adviser and enterprise coach. The way in which she connects with people, immediately putting them at their ease is one of the skills which I we all admire in her. She is able to help people take a loose collection of thoughts and ideas about starting up in business and shape them into a plan. 

 But it doesn't stop there because then she is tenacious and she asks the difficult questions - how are you going to make this dream a reality; what are you really going to do next?  Lynda coached new enterprises the length and breadth of the region and I know that her energy, passion and enthusiasm have helped make some of the SMEs we see today.  She's a brilliantly charismatic speaker and presenter and her presence at networking events and awards cermonies always delights!

 I feel very privileged that I have had the opportunity to talk my ideas through with someone as experienced and supportive as you. You showed me how I could explore my grains of ideas further along the implementation route. The two sessions we had were extremely useful for me and I will be thinking about the things we discussed for a while yet.
I am going to do some reading on the subject and I'm hopeful that what I am doing at work at the moment one day may bring a career opportunity. In any case, I am determined not to procrastinate but develop and push myself.
Thank you very much for supporting me at a crucial time in my life when I really needed that encouragement. I will always remember and value it a lot.
I very much hope we will meet again some time!