Mystery Shopping - a great tool for continuous improvement!


We don’t just do mystery shopping because we like putting paper bags over our head, or dressing up.  We do it because we believe passionately in mystery shopping as a consultation tool that’s going to provide you with management solutions.

We’ve worked with organisations who use mystery shopping as a tool for continuous improvement programmes and staff performance management.  Like us, these organisations are passionate about customer service and want to understand how they can better serve their customer.  Like us, they’re committed to clear and positive change.

We’ve ‘pretended’ to be plumbers, mums and dads, housing tenants, nail technicians, apprentices, students, and art experts (that was tough!).  We’ve been into betting shops, public loos, restaurants and canteens.  And those are just the visits!  We’ve set up dummy businesses to help us understand how your customers engage with you on the telephone, by email and social networks.

Our skilled and theatre-trained team can be anything that you want them to be...provided you want what we want - to drive a fabulous customer experience for your customers.

As part of your preparation for Investors in People or Customer First, talk to the ‘Peas’ team and see how we can help boost the levels of your customer service.


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