Personal Coaching

How clear is your vision of the future?

That's a real coaching question because it's giving you an opportunity to explore the issues you have and to explore what a 'future desired state'-your target- looks like... without the coach having to know all the details.  It's context-free and where there are highly sensitive issues as there often are in personal coaching it's giving you an occasion to consider possible solutions. In coaching, each question is designed to test your present perception and move you towards a more useful mindset.

So, you have no idea where you're going?

Coaching is also challenging. The aim of the challenge is to encourage you to 'reframe' your own perceptions of your abilities, so that you have the confidence to do something.  A coaching challenge put to you as a statement or as a question may seem confrontational. It might make you go 'ouch' but you will need to reassess your firmly held beliefs to get you out of a mindset that you're stuck in.

If that's what you want ?

Silence.            A lot more silence. When you make a discovery, a breakthrough, the most significant thing your coach will do is to listen. Without interruption, providing you with the experience of being really listened to by someone allowing you the space to think, in which you  are re-evaluating what you thought you knew.


Change starts.